10/01/2022   Utrera (ESP): Crackling start of the outdoor season for Maria Perez Garcia




Crackling start of the outdoor season for Maria Perez Garcia who we remember fourth at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in the Sapporo 20km.
On Saturday 8 January, the Andalusian Road Walking Championships took place in Utrera, near Seville.
Large presence in youth competitions, but also results of interest in the most important competitions.
20km men
Only four athletes at the start.
Victory for Alberto Amezcua Balboa (ESP) in 1:22:32
Second place to Fabian Bernabe Rama (ESP) in 1:28:42
Third place went to Jose Luis Hidalgo Rodriguez (ESP) in 1:36:15
20km women
The only athlete at the start was Maria Perez Garcia who won with a time of high interest for the opening moment of the season: 1:29:51
This performance for the Valencia Club Atletismo athlete represents the sixth time all time of his career on the distance of 20km.
Her five best times are listed below
- 1:26:36 - Berlin - 11.8.2018
- 1:28:03 - Podebrady - 16.5.2021
- 1:28:26 - Murcia - 14.3.2021
- 1:18:50 - Taicang - 5.5.2018
- 1:29:37 - London - 13.8.2017
10km senior men
Victory to Jose Manuel Perez Rubio (ESP) in 41:17
Second place to Lucio J. Ruiz Domenech (ESP) in 1:09:29
10km U23 men
Victory to Alejandro Banasco Guillen (ESP) in 50:13
10km U20 men
Victory to Juan Francisco Soto Egea (ESP) in 43:28
Second place to Pablo Rodriguez (ESP) in 43:42
Third place to Antonio Jesus Montilla Medina (ESP) in 45:59
10km U18 men
Victory to Daniel Morilla Garcia (ESP) in 45:40
Second place to Ismael Torres Gonzalez (ESP) in 48:46
Third place to Javier Postigo Gabarro (ESP) in 49:30
10km U18 women
Victory to Isabel Garcia Sanchez (ESP) in 51:04
Second place to Elvira Barron Serrano (ESP) in 57:18
Third place to Maria Bonilla Sanchez (ESP) in 57:53
10km U20 women
Victory to Ana Sanchez Lozano (ESP) in 57:28
Second place to Laura Vergara Gomez (ESP) in 1:02:32
Third place to Lucia Torreblanca Caballero (ESP) in 1:02:58
10km U23 women
Victory to Maria Moya Del Campo (ESP) in 56:33
Second place to Alicia Martin Maldonado (ESP) in 1:08:19