09/01/2022   Sheffield (GBR): Tom Partington and Hannah Hopper win the 3.000m indoor




Sheffield (GBR) hosted the British Grand Prix of Indoor Walking on Sunday 9 January 2022.
The two competitions were held over the 3,000m indoor distance for both men and women.
3.000m indoor walk men
Only three athletes at the start
Victory for Tom Partington (GBR) in 12:59.01
Second place to Luc Legon (GBR) in 13:45.64
Third place to Christian Hopper (GBR) in 14:38.03
3.000m indoor walk women
Only five athletes at the start, one of which was disqualified
Victory for Hannah Hopper (GBR) in 14:41.65
Second place to Jasmine Nicholls (GBR) in 14:54.79
Third place went to Abby Hughes (GBR) in 15:02.12