08/01/2022   San Antonio de Machala (ECU): Brian Daniel Pintado Alvarez wins the Ecuadorian 35km Championship establishing the South American record of 2:32:40




On Saturday 8 January the Luis Chocho National Walking Championships took place in San Antonio de Machala, in the province of El Poro (ECU).
Luis Chocho who passed away a little over a year ago was a great walking coach in Ecuador.
In addition to his son, Andrés, to whom we are deeply sympathetic and friendly, Luis Chocho was the first coach of that monument of the world race walk that is Jefferson Perez.
The disappearance of him, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, has left a gap that is difficult to fill in the march in Ecuador.
35km men
Ten athletes at the start.
Great victory for Brian Daniel Pintado Alvarez (ECU) who on his first race on 35km sets the new South American record with a time of 2:32:40
His split times each 5km:

- 5km: 22:26

- 10km: 44:53 (22:27)

- 15km: 1:06:31 (21:38)

- 20km: 1:28:04 (21:33)

- 25km: 1:49:40 (21:36)

- 30km: 2:11:27 (21:47)

- last 5km: 21:13

Second place to Jonathan Javier Amores Carua (ECU) in 2:42:58
Third place went to Gonzalo Antonio Bustan Japon (ECU) in 2:45:29

35km women
Five athletes at the start.
Victory of Magali Beatriz Bonilla Solis (ECU) who signs the new personal best with a time of 2:53:48 (previous of 2:55:20 obtained in Sucua, ECU on 9.3.2019
Second place to Johana Edelmira Ordonez Lucero (ECU) in 2:56:38 also with the new personal best (previous of 3:01:05 obtained in Sucua, ECU on 9.3.2019
Third place went to Paola Bibiana Perez Saquipay (ECU) in 2:59:37


20km men
Ten athletes at the start.
Victory of Jordi Rafael Jimenez Arrobo (ECU) in 1:26:15
Second place to Jonson Octavio Calderom Alvarez (ECU) in 1:30:19
Third place went to Bryan Fernando Munoz Zambrano (ECU) in 1:37:14


20km women
Ten athletes at the start.
Victory of Glenda Estefania Morejon Quinonez (ECU) in 1:33:06
Second place to Karla Johana Jaramillo Navarrete (ECU) in 1:35:12
Third place to Paula Milena Torr4s Sarango (ECU) in 1:41:06
The results of the lower categories in the "Results" section