21/08/2021   Nairobi (KEN): Victories of Heristone Wanyonyi (KEN) in men and Sofia Ramos Rodriguez (MEX) in women


The altitude of Nairobi makes the air very fresh this morning (18° Celsius), but the humidity is still very high (83%).
Very punctual departure at 9:15 am

10,000m U20 men walk

Quick start of Dimitri Durand (FRA) and Dmitriy Gramachkov (ANA) who gain over 60m after a couple of laps.
The split time to the first 1,000m is 4:29:85.
The two remain in the lead until shortly after 4,000 when they are taken over by the group led by Amit (IND), Heristone Wanyonyi (KEN) and Paul McGrath (ESP).
The split time to 4.000m is 17:13.29
The technical situation is quite fluid: Maksim Pyanzin (ANA) with two red cards, Emiliano Brigante (ITA) and Christian Juarez Lopez (MEX) with one red cards.
Shortly before halfway through the race, Amit (IND), Heristone Wanyonyi (KEN), Paul McGrath (ESP) and again Dmitriy Gramachkov (ANA) and Dimitri Durand (FRA) forces their pace.
Halfway through the race, Dmitriy Gramachkov (ANA) leads the group of five units, passing in 21:30.12
Meanwhile Maksim Pyanzin (ANA) was stopped by the jury in the penalty area for 60 seconds, while Mazlum Demir (TUR) also joined the group of leaders.
Dimitri Durand (FRA) is still leading at 6.000m passing in 25:52.14 together with Heristone Wanyonyi (KEN).
Towards 7,000m the action that changes the race.
Forces the pace Amit (IND) and follows only Heristone Wanyonyi (KEN). A few meters behind are Mazlum Demir (TUR) and Paul McGrath (ESP). The first, however, is burdened by two red cards (as indeed also Gramachkov), while the second has only one. Meanwhile Maksim Pyanzin (ANA) has been disqualified.
At 8.000m the fight for the first two medals seems to be solved, the winner remains to be decided. However, Heristone Wanyonyi takes the lead in 34:06.98
Christian Juarez Lopez (MEX) is stopped in the penalty zone for 60 seconds. He will later be disqualified.
At 9,000, Amit (IND) takes the lead in 38:13.93.
Two laps from the finish, Heristone Wanyonyi (KEN) takes the lead and will never be caught again.
Gold to Heristone Wanyonyi (KEN) in 42:10.84 to the new personal best
Silver to Amit (IND) in 42:17.94
Bronze to Paul McGrath (IND) in 42:26.11 also to the new personal best
Fourth place went to Dimitri Durand (FRA) in 42:48.58 also at the personal best
Fifth place to Dmitriy Gramachkov (ANA) in 42:54.14
Sixth place in Mazlum Ddemir (TUR) in 43:01.33
Seventh place to Mert Kahraman (TUR) in 43:27.96
Eighth place to Bryan Matias (GUA) in 43:34.02


10.000m U20 women walk
Quick start of Baljeet Kaur (IND) on the pace of 4:26/km which gains about thirty meters on Margret Gati (KEN).
The split times of the leader:
- 1.000m: 4:26.23
- 2.000m: 9:11.53
- 3.000m: 14:06.90 with Margret Gati together with Yelena Sborets (ANA), Sofia Ramos Rodriguez (MEX), Eliska Martinkova (CZE) and Anastasiya Kolchina (ANA), a few meters further away from the others.
At 4.000m, five are leading the race led by Margret Gati and Sofia Ramos Rodriguez.
Shortly after 4.400m forces the pace Sofia Ramos Rodriguez (MEX). It soon becomes clear that she will no longer be reached. She is leading in the middle of the race in 23:28.88 with almost 7 seconds of advantage over the Kenian and over Kolchina (ANA) who, however, 100m later is stopped for 60 seconds in the penalty area. They are followed by Eliska Martinkova (CZE), Yelena Sborets (ANA), Elvira Carré and Maele Biré-Heslouis (FRA), Martina Casiraghi (ITA) and Valeriya Sholomitska (UKR).
In the second part of the race we see a solo by the Mexican.
The fight for the other medals unlocks around 7,000m when four of them lead behind Ramos Rodriguez (32:33.91): Eliska Martinkova, Yelena Sborets, Maele Biré-Heslouis and Elvina Carré. She follows Martina Casiraghi about ten meters away.
But it is the technical situation that changes everything: Yelena Sborets and Elvira Carré (FRA) have two red cards against them, but they continue undeterred.
Meanwhile Eliska Martinkova and Maele Biré-Heslouis have stretched and battle each other overtaking.
At 8.000m they pass in the following order: Sofia Ramos Rodriguez (37:12.98), Maele Biré-Heslouis (38:09.88), Eliska Martinkova (38:11.04), Yelena Sborets (38:19.48),
Elvina Carré (38:22.93), Martina Casiraghi (38:28.74) and Valeriya Sholomitska (38:35.13).
At 9,000m Sofia Ramos Rodriguez (MEX) passes in 41:49.88.
Shortly after 9,000m Elvira Carré (FRA) pays the price of the technique, who receives two more red cards in a very short time and is immediately disqualified.

In the last 1,000m the fight for silver to bronze between Eliska Martinkova and Maele Biré-Heslouis becomes hot, but will be resolved in favor of the French.
Yet another twisting for subsequent positions: the disqualification of Elvira Carré had brought Martina Casiraghi to fourth place, who had overtaken Yelena Sborets  (2 red cards). Casiraghi, however, in the last lap must raise the white flag for the return to Valeriya Sholomitska.
Gold to Sofia Ramos Rodriguez (MEX) in 46:23.01

Silver to Maele Biré-Heslouis (FRA) in 47:43.87

Bronse to  Eliska Martinkova (CZE) in 47:46.28

Fourth place to Valeriya Sholomitska (UKR) in 48:13.05

Fifth place to Martina Casiraghi (ITA) in 48:18.21

Sixth place to Yelena Sborets (ANA) in 48:21.52

Seventh place to .Baljeet Kaur (IND) in 48:58.17

Eighth place to Margret Gati (KEN) in 49:15.12


(Photos by Giancarlo Colombo for Fidal)




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