16/05/2021   Podebrady (CZE): European Race Waling Team Championships - Morning events


Very humid and cool day.
50km men and 35km women
Very punctual departure.
The first lap is completed in 4:34 with Karl Junghannss (GER) in the lead, followed at a short distance by the couple Marco De Luca (ITA) and Eleonora Anna Giorgi (ITA) in 4:39 and behind them Ihor Hlavan (UKR) detached by one meter.
The next round the situation does not change with the first four respectively in 9:09, 9:12 the two Italians and 9:15.
Junghannss tries to stretch but is immediately recalled by a judge, and after 100m he also receives the second recall.
At three kilometers Junghannss passes in 13:39, the other three in 13:53 while at 4km they pass in 18:20 and 18:30.
Between 4 and 5km Eleonora Anna Giorgi receives a red card and breaks away from the other two.
In few minutes, two other Italians also end up on the red card board: they are Michele Antonelli and Stefano Chiesa.
- at 5km
Karl Junghannss (GER) in 22:44 however he too in the eye of the jury (1 red card for loss of contact)
Marco De Luca (ITA) in 23:07
Ihor Hlavan (UKR) in 23:07
Eleonora Anna Giorgi (ITA) in 23:11
Nadzeya Darazhuk (BLR) in 24:24
Antigoni Drisbioti (GRE) in 24:25
Between 5 and 10km it changes very little. The athletes continue with their pace, mostly paying attention to the calls of the jury. Ihor Hlavan also has a red card for loss of contact.
- at 10km
Karl Junghannss (GER) in 45:38 followed at 34" now by a trio. In addition to De Luca and Hlavan, Nathaniel Seiler (GER) joined in 46:12.
Eleonora Anna Giorgi (ITA) in 46:58 also now followed by a threesome. Maria Juarez (ESP) reached Nadzeya Darazhuk and Antigoni Drisbioti and they pass in 48:57
- at 15km
Karl Junghannss (GER) in 1:08:53 followed at 21" by Seiler, De Luca and Hlavan passing in 1:09:14. Behind them Marc Tur (ESP) in 1:09:21
Eleonora Anna Giorgi (ITA) unexpectedly received the second red card. She continues in a fit of crying. She passe at 15km in 1:12.00.
Meanwhile, the jury sent Lyudmyla Shelest (UKR) to the penalty area.
Antigoni Drisbioti has detached the other two and passes in 1:13:03, while Maria Juarez and Nadzeya Darazhuk pass in 1:13:28
- at 20km
The situation has changed. Karl Junghannss leads the race in 1:31:28.
You follow him in two (Seiler and Hlavan) in 1:32:11 in turn followed by Marc Tur and Jakub Jelonek (POL) in 1:32:20.
Behind them: Marco De Luca in 1:32:22 and Andrea Agrusti (ITA) in 1:32:35.
The situation has also changed in women.
Antigoni Drisbioti has reached Eleonora Anna Giorgi after 19km who continues to walk with the brake and with tears due to a possible nervous breakdown.
The passages: Drisbioti (1:37:22), Giorgi (1:37:33)
Followed by: Maria Juarez (1:37:50) and Nadzeya Darazhuk (1:38:09)
- at 25km
The situation has changed. Karl Junghannss leads the race in 1:54:02
Jakub Jelonek and Marc Tur follow him in 1:55:09
Behind them: Ihor Hlavan in 1:55:13 and Andrea Agrusti (ITA) and Ivan Banzeruk (UKR) in 1:55:17.
The situation has also changed in women.
Antigoni Drisbioti leads the race in 2:01:42
Followed by: Maria Juarez (2:02:06) and Nadzeya Darazhuk (2:02:41) and Eleonora Anna Giorgi (2:02:49) who thinks more about the technical situation, and does really well.
- at 30km
Karl Junghannss leads the race in 2:16:27
Ivan Banzeruk and Marc Tur follow him in 2:18:07
Behind them: Nathaniel Seiler and Ihor Hlavan in 2:18:08
Antigoni Drisbioti leads the race in 2:25:45
Eleonora Anna Giorgi is now second in 2:26:56
Third is Maria Juarez in 2:27:04
Fourth is Nadzeya Darazhuk in 2:27:48 pursued by Lidia Barcella (ITA) in 2:27:56

Last 5 km of the women's race
One more lap and Lidia Barcella joins Nadzeya Darazhuk.
Victory to Antigoni Drisbioti (GRE) in 2:49:55
Second place to Eleonora Anna Giorgi in 2:51:05 who arrives with a look between the tears for the race and the smile for what, with the third place of Lidia Barcella in (2:51:50, will be the gold at teams.
Frankly, while we still respect the jury's judgment, we find it difficult to understand such strictness.
Instead, Lidia Barcella is celebrating.
Fourth place to Maria Juarez (ESP) in 2:52:44
Fifth place to Nadzeya Darazhuk (BLR) in 2:52:59

- at 35km men
Karl Junghannss leads the race in 2:39:07
Second position for Marc Tur in 2:41:00
Third position for Ivan Banzeruk in 2:41:01 which precedes with the same time: Nathaniel Seiler, Alesi Ojala (FIN) and Andrea Agrusti (ITA)

- 40km men
Karl Junghannss leads the race in 3:01:46
Second position for Marc Tur in 3:03:11
Third position for Aleksi Ojala in 3:03:33 together with Nathaniel Seiler and Andrea Agrusti.

- 45km men
Marc Tur (3:25:17) catches up and passes Karl Junghannss (3:25:50)
Third position for Andrea Agrusti (3:26:09) together with Nathaniel Seiler (3:26:02)
Fifth Aleksi Ojala in 3:26:12
Last 5 km of the men's race
With two laps to go, Marc Tur leads in 3:38:45
Second is Aleksi Ojaka in 3:39:27
Third is Andrea Agrusti in 3:40:18 who has definitively detached Nathaniel Seiler (3:40:39)
The last lap is the one of dreams for the first three.
Marc Tur (ESP) wins in 3:47:40
Second place to Aleksi Ojaka (FIN) in 3:48:25
Third place went to Andrea Agrusti (ITA) in 3:49:51 who finds Tur and Ojala at the finish line waiting for him and applauding him. a really nice picture of running and fair play.
Fourth is Ruslan Smolonskis (LAT) in 3:50:31
Fifth is Marco de Luca (ITA) who makes a masterpierce of and of the race and finishes in 3:50:48

10km U20 men
A fairly fast race, with 4 athletes passing the 5 km together in 20:53.
They are Jose Luis Hidalgo (ESP), Paul McGrath (ESP), Dimitri Durand (FRA) and Serhat Gungor (TUR)
Gabriele Gamba (ITA) follows at 5 seconds (20:58).
The technical situation sees two athletes with 2 red cards (Leon Bank, HUN and Daniele Breda, ITA) and in the group of leaders, with a red card, Dimitri Durand (FRA) and Serhat Gungor (TUR).
In the second part of the race, Dimitri Durand and Jose Luis Hidalgo stretch towards 7km and at 9km lead the race in 37:29.
Dimitri Durand (FRA) crosses the finish line first in 41:26, but in the last lap he receives two red cards which, added to the first, assign him a penalty of 60 seconds. He will be fourth in 42:26.
Benefiting from this is José Luis Hidalgo (ESP) and Paul McGrath (ESP) who, immune from red cards, arrive first in 41:35 and second in 41:51 respectively.
Third place went to Serhat Gungor (TUR) who, burdened with two red cards, is satisfied with the bronze in 42:20.
In short, even in the presence of a fairly rigorous jury, we must say that good walking always pays off.
At the end of the race three athletes pay a penalty of one minute (Dimitri Durand, FRA, Yehor Shelest, UKR, Leon Bank, HUN) and one DQ (Daniele Breda, ITA)
Fifth place to Jaromir Moravek (CZE) in 42:27
Sixth place in Gamba Gabriele (ITA) in 42:30.


10km U20 women
Quite fast start of the favorite, the home athlete Eliska Martinkova (CZE) who moves to 5 km in 22:48.
She is followed in the middle of the race by Lizaveta Hryshkevich (BLR) in 23:50 and Adriana Viveiros (POR) in 23:55.
Vince Eliska Martinkova (CZE) in 45:46
Second place to Adriana Viveiros (POR) in 47:01
Third place went to Maele Biré-Heslouis (FRA) in 47:05