25/10/2020   Budapest (HUN): The U23 35km Hungarian Championships




The U23 35km Hungarian Championships were held in Budapest on Sunday 25 October.


The race was held around the Puskás Stadium, on an old-new course. The stadium was renovated. It has a 1k loop around, earlier were some races organized there. The surface is new now.

The weather was not too cold but rainy.



35km men


Victory to Venyercsán Bence Barnabás (HUN) in 2:40:34

Second place to Srp Miklos Domonkos (HUN) in 2:49:35

Third place to Papp Ferenc (HUN) in 3:16:13







35km donne


Victory to Rita Recsei (HUN) inn 3:08:24

Second place to Bodorkós-Horváth Katalin (HUN) in 3:41:49



20km donne


Victory to Rabne Recsei Petra (HUN) in 1:47:15





Risultati Ufficiali - Official results







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