14/10/2020   Lisses (FRA): Victory for Aurélien Quinion (FRA) in the 6th Lisses Grand Prix




Last Sunday (11 October) on a completely flat 2km circuit, the 6th running Grand Prix in Lisses, a city located on the outskirts of Paris.
The participation was interesting, even exceeding the expectations of the organizers.
34 athletes competed in the 20km and 34 the number of participants in the 10km.
20km men
Aurélien Quinion (FRA), coached by former French international Denis Langlois, won with great superiority, setting a time of 1:29:21.
For Quinion who has a personal best of 1:22:29, obtained in the 2017 edition of the Cantones de La Coruna it was almost a simple training.
Second place to Said Touche (ALG), in 1:38:44.
The 21-year-old athlete from Algeria was in his first experience in a 20km race and unfortunately was forced by the jury to stop in the penalty zone for two minutes after receiving three red cards from the judges.
In third place was Andy Boutrais (FRA) in 1:42:56.
20km women
Victory to Alejandra Ramirez Gomez (FRA) in 1:49:57.
Second place to Christine Chochoy (FRA) in 2:05:08
Third place to Margaux Puzin (FRA) in 2:07:42
10km men
Victory of the Franco-Tunisian Meftah Swaieh (FRA), in 52:42.
Second place Bruno Grenet (FRA) in 54:49.
Third place to Rene-Jean Maure (FRA) in 59:49.
10km women
Victory for Marie Acker (FRA) in 59:29.
Second place to Marie Fornes (FRA) in 1:01:46
Third place to Chloe Raes (FRA) in 1:01:55



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