12/10/2020   Växjö (SWE): Perseus Karlstrom champion of Sweden on the 20.000m track walk




We had not forgotten it, simply the overlapping of events from the end of September allowed us only today to publish the news of the Swedish National Championships which took place on the track of the Värendsvallen Sports Complex, in Växjö, Sweden on Sunday 27 September 2020.
It is a tradition of a certain number of Countries to compete in the national walking championships in the distance of 20km, which reserves one of the two men's Olympic distances, to 50 laps on the track.
In Växjö, Sweden, only the men competed on the 20.000m, while the women competed on the usual 10.000m on track.
20.000m track walk men
Once again Perseus Karlström (SWE) was the winner of the Swedish title.
Karlstrom, who just a week earlier had scored 1:20:58 in the 20km of Alytus, confirming the standard for the Tokyo Olympics, limited himself to participating in the championships at a training pace, finishing with a manual time of 1:37:12.0.
Up to about 10.000 meters he was in the company of his brother Remo Karlström (SWE), second in 1:41:03.0.
Third place went to Christer Svensson (SWE) in 1:43:28.0.
At the start eight athletes and all completed the race.
10.000m track walk women
In the women's competition, two athletes showed up at the start: Monica Svensson (SWE) and Helena Sandmer (SWE).
The latter, representing SK Svängen, won the Swedish national title in 1:01:25.0.
Monica Svensson, (born 1978) historical name of the Swedish women's walk, belonging to the local club of Växjö was disqualified shortly after the halfway point.

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