10/10/2020   Podebrady (CZE) - Antonella Palmisano wins in 1:28:40 and Perseus Karlstrom in 1:19:43




The 88th edition of Podebrady Walking should have been held on 4.4.2020, but unfortunately the decision of the Government of the Czech Republic which declared a state of emergency, with effect from 13 March 2020, suspended all mass events in which they would have participated more of 30 people at the same time.
The beautiful Spa Park, which has hosted the competition for many years, has waited until today to see the stars of walking in Europe and in the world compete again on its renovated asphalt.
When it was still called Prague - Podebrady a glorious 50km took place on its route which saw the participation of historical names in the world walk of all times: the legendary Jozef Dolezal (CZE), Giuseppe Dordoni (ITA) and Raul Gonzalez (MEX) who in 1978 he was the first to break down the 4-hour wall in 3:41.20.
But the best memory for the writer was that of the 18th edition of the Marching World Cup which took place in the Spa Park and neighboring streets on 19 and 20 April 1997.
It was the edition of the victory in the men's 20km of Jefferson Perez (MEX), the year before winner in Atlanta, in 1:18:24 in a final sprint in front of Daniel Garcia (MEX) for only 3" with the disqualifications of Bernardo Segura (MEX) and Tan Mingjun (CHN).
It was also the edition of a tremendous 50km that took place between the falling snow and a subsequent burning sun that saw the victory of that athlete monument that is Jesus Angel Garcia Bragado (ESP) capable of a 3:39:54 at the time.
In the women's 10km there was the victory of Irina Stankina (RUS) in front of compatriot Olinpiada Ivanova who would later mark an era, in front of the Chinese Gu Yan and the Italian trio of Erica Alfridi, Rossella Giordano and the late Anna Rita Sidoti.

10km U20 men

Immediately leading the race the duo Lubomir Kubis (SVK) and Jaromir Marovek (CZE).
But it soon becomes clear that the Slovakian athlete will be the winner.
In fact, after a few laps he has already left Moravek sufficiently and after half the race his advantage is unassailable lap after lap.
Victory then to Lubomir Kubis (SVK) in 42:53 which establishes the new personal best on the distance of the 10km road (previous of 44:24 established in Olomuc, CZE on 1.8.2020)
Second place to Jaromir Moravek (CZE) in 46:27
Third place to Adam Zajicek (CZE) in 48:03

10km U20 women
Only one athlete in the race, Kristyna Vejsicka (CZE) who finishes in 1:05:44
20km women
From the first lap Antonella Palmisano leads the group and a few meters away from the most important opponents: Glenda Morejon (ECU) and Erica de Sena (BRA), while Anezka Drahotova (CZE) is further away.


- 5km: Antonella Palmisano in 22:33
Followed at 3" by Glenta Morejon and Erica de Sena.
At 8km the Palmisano passes in 35:57 with a few seconds ahead of the other two who, however, reach it during the 9th kilometer (40:29)


- 10km: leads Antonella Palmisano (45:00) with Glenda Morejon and Erica de Sena right behind (45:01)
At 13km the three are always together and pass in 58:26
At 14km the three are always together and pass in 1:02:55 while the chasers with Sandra Galvis (COL) and Anezka Drahotova (CZE) pass in 1:05:04
- 15km: always together the three leaders in 1:07:19-1:07:20
Sandra Galvis is fourth in 1:09:53 and just ahead of Anezka Drahotova.
Between 16km and 17km Antonella Palmisano forces the pace and gains a few meters.
At 17km she passes is 1:16:00 while Glenda Morejon reached by Erica de Sena pass in 1:16:09.
In the meantime it rains heavily.
At 18km: Palmisano (1:20:15), De Sena (1:20:34), Morejon (1:20:38)
At 19km: Palmisano (1:24:29), De Sena (1:24:55)


Victory to Antonella Palmisano (ITA) in 1:28:40
Second place to Erica de Sena (BRA) in 1:29:14
Third place to Glenda Morejon (ECU) in 1:29:32

Follows: Maria Katerinka Czakova (SVK - 1:33:48), Tereza Durdiakova (CZE - 1:33:54), Anezka Drahotova (CZE - 1:33:59) and Sandra Galvis (COL - 1:34:15)







20km men
From the first lap, a group leading the race is formed consisting of two Italians (Federico Tontodonati and Matteo Giupponi), two French (Kevin Campion and Gabriel Bordier), Manuel Soto (COL) and Perseus Karlstrom (SWE).
- at 5km: the two athletes of Francew lead the pack, followed by the others. Towards 7 km Karlstrom and Giupponi force the pace and with them only Kevin Campion and Gabriel Bordier remain.
- at 10km: four remained in the lead of the race. They are Matteo Giupponi, Perseus Karlstrom, Gabriel Bordier and Kevin Campion). Their passage takes place in
Just behind Federico Tontodonati.
The next passages are as follows:
- 12km: 47:56
- 13km: 51:55 with Gabriel Bordier who broke away and is reached by Federico Tontodonati.



- at 15km: three remained at the head of the race. Matteo Giupponi leading in (59:56), Perseus Karlstrom (59:57), Kevin Campion (59:58), the others follow
- 16km: there are four again (1:03:58)
- 17km: Perseus Karlstrom stretched and only Matteo Giupponi followed him
- 18km: Karlstrom (1:11:50), Giupponi (1:11:54), Bordier (1:12:04)
- 19km: Karlstrom (1:15:45), Giupponi (1:15:58), Bordier (1:16:12)
Victory to Perseus Karlstrom (SWE) in 1:19:43 which touches the season best (1:19:34) obtained in Kobe (JPN) on 16.2.2020)

Second place to Matteo Giupponi (ITA) in 1:19:58 new personal best which improves the mark obtained in Rio de Janeiro (1:20:27) on 12.6.2016.
With great satisfaction he dedicates this second place to his former coach, Gianni Perricelli: "This result is also thanks to Gianni Perricelli: for a few weeks we have decided, in a shared way, to open a new path. Michele Didoni will follow me as a coach".
Third place to Gabriel Bordier (FRA) in 1:20:19 new personal best which improves the mark obtained in Alytus, LTU (1:21:43) on 19.5.2019.
Fourth place to Kevin Campion (FRA) in 1:21:35

Fifth place to Federico Tontodonati (ITA) in 1:22:11
Sixth place to Miroslav Uradnik (SVK) in 1:22:30

Sevewnth place to Stefano Chiesa (ITA) in 1:22:31

Eight place to Carl Dohmann (GER) in 1:22:41




(Some photos thanks to Miriam Stewartova - CZE)




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