09/10/2020   Grodno (BLR): National Road Walking Championships of Belarus




Walking weekend also in Belarus (BLR) where on Saturday 3 October 2020 the National Road Walking Championships of the 2020 atypical season took place in the city of Grodno.
The championships took place at the same time as the 29th edition of the Memorial "Pyotr Pochynchuk", winner of the silver medal at the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games in the 20km won by Maurizio Damilano.
About 150 athletes from various regions of the country participated in the "Pyotr Pochynchuk" Memorial, with competitions for different age groups.
Unfortunately, the day was certainly not favorable: cold and rain scourged the day and the results were consequently influenced.
35 km men
Victory for Dzmitry Dziubin, 1990 (Vitebskaya-Minskaya), in 2:41:07, a bit far from the personal best of 2:36:09 (obtained in Nesvizhm, BLR on 7.4.2012)
Second place to Anatoliy Gomelev, 1996 (Vitebskaya), in 2:43:48
Third place to Vladimir Kolesnik, 1992 (Brestskaya-Gomelskaya), in 2:56:33
35 km women
Victory in Nadezhda Dorozhuk, 1990 (Grodnenskaya), in 3:05:39
Second place to Anastasia Rodkina, 1994 (Mogilevskaya), in 3:18:31
20 km men
Victory to Aleksandr Liakhovic, 1989 (Grodnenskaya), in 1:24:26 also a bit far from the personal best of 1:21:12 (obtained in Gomel, BLR on 22.4.2017)
Second place to Mikita Koliada, 2000 (Brestskaya), in 1:26:32
Tarzo placed on Dmitriy Lukjanchuk, 1997 (Brestskaya), in 1:31:47

20 km female
Victory to Viktoria Rashchupkina, 1995 (Brestskaya), in 1:34:42
Second place to Anastasia Rarovskaya, 1996 (Grodnenskaya), in 1:37:10
Third place to Ekaterina Gnedko, 1999 (Brestskaya), in 1:44:24


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