08/10/2020   Madrid (ESP): Alicia Lumbreras Gonzalez and Pedro Conesa Ceron U20 Champions of Spain




The past weekend saw the carring out of the Spanish U23 Championships in Madrid (ESP).
The two races, both covering a distance of 10,000m track walk, were held at the Villahermoso stadium in Madrid at the following schedule:
- Saturday 3 October at 11.50: U20 women
- Sunday 4 October at 12:00: U20 men
Also in Spain, safety regulations have limited participation to an unusually lower number of athletes: 8 female athletes and 13 athletes.
10.000m track walk women
Undisputed victory for Alicia Lumbreras Gonzalez (ESP) who, thanks to her personal best of 49:27.2h obtained in Madrid on 8.6.2019, had no difficulty in winning the U20 Spanish title in 51:05.77.
Second place to Maria Teresa Morata Moreno (ESP) in 52:20.31
Third place to Eva Salcedo Sanchez (ESP) in 53:54.16 which establishes the personal best.



10.000m track walk men
A little more fight for victory in this race between the two main candidates for the title: Pedro Conesa Ceron (ESP) and Roberto Vieira Perez (ESP).
The battle between the two led both to obtaining the new personal best.
Victory for the representative of Murcia, Pedro Conesa Ceron, in 44:24.71 whose previous personal best was 44:36.73 (obtained in Boras, SWE on 21.7.2019 on the occasion of the final of the U20 European Championships 2019 when he obtained the 14th place)
More interesting was the improvement of the representant of Galizia, Roberto Vieira Perez (47”33/100) compared to the previous personal best of 45:31.06 obtained in Granollers (ESP) on 6.7.2019. The young athlete from 2001 raced in 44:44.73
Even the bronze medal, Jose Mestre Martin (ESP), managed to get the new personal best in 45:45.28, despite a 60” stop in the Penalty Zone for three red cards. The athlete's previous best (46:18.08) also dates back to 6.7.2019 for him and was obtained in Granollers (ESP).
(Photos credit to Jose Antonio Miguelez - ESP)


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