07/10/2020   Krusevac (SRB): The Serbian Track Walking Championships




The Serbian Track Walk National Championships took place on Sunday 4 October in Krusevac (SRB).
The competitions took place at the Mladost Stadium and included the following sessions:
- 10.000m senior track walk men
- 10,000m U20 track walk men
- 5.000m senior track walk women
- 5.000m U20 track walk women
more than the competitions of the youngest categories on the distances of 2.000m and 1.000m.
5.000m track walk women
Victory to Tijana Savicevic (SRB) in 26:29.3
Second place to Marija Papovic (SRB) in 29:21.5
Third place to Maja Milutinovic (SRB) in 32:46.3


5.000m track walk U20 women
Victory to Anja Nedeljkovic (SRB) in 27:24.2
Second place in Tanja Antic (SRB) in 29:29.3
Third place to Una Danilovic (SRB) in 31:20.4
10.000m track walk men
Victory to Predrag Filipovic (SRB) in 52:56.5
We are really pleased to see this 42-year-old athlete from Serbia walking again, so that he would have celebrated his birthday the next day. He had finished his international and national activity in 2016 competing first in Dudince and then at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.
Below is his progression in the 10.000m track walk from which it can be seen that the result he obtained is very far from his results until 2015. Obviously he will have participated in the race with a different spirit, more than anything else to honor the National Championship than to get an interesting time again.

  Performance Place Date
2020 52:56.5h Mladost Stadion, Kruševac (SRB) 04 OCT 2020
2015 43:24.10 Kragujevac (SRB) 07 JUN 2015
2014 43:03.24 Beograd (SRB) 15 JUN 2014
2012 41:28.0h Sremska Mitrovica (SRB) 01 JUN 2012
2011 45:50.26 Kragujevac (SRB) 07 AUG 2011
2010 40:47.12 Kragujevac (SRB) 05 JUN 2010
2009 43:46.12 Sremska Mitrovica (SRB) 07 JUN 2009
2008 40:51.23 Novi Sad (SRB) 07 JUN 2008



Second place to Predrag Krstovic (SRB) in 52: 57.4
Third place to Daniel Nokolic (SRB) in 59: 06.9



10.000m track walk U20 men
Victory to Milos Prorocic (SRB) in 59:25.1
Second place to Marko Zoric (SRB) in 1:08:56.2
Marko Slavkovic (SRB) DNF

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