13/09/2020   Budapest (HUN): Bence Barnabas Venyercsan wins the 7th Super League final


Budapest hosted the 7th Hungarian Athletics Super League Final this weekend.
Yesterday, Saturday 12 September, the men's 10,000m track walk took place in which eight athletes took part.
Today Sunday 13 September there will be the women's final.
10.000m. track walk men
In the first eight there are essentially two candidates for victory: Mate Helebrandt (HUN) and Bence Barnabas Venyercsan (HUN).
As outsiders start Tomasz Bogdany, Miklos Domingos Srk and Norbert Toth.
The battle between the two contenders, separated in the last race on the 5,000m track walk alone 1:30/100 in favor of Mate Helebrand, is very close.
Helebrand is leading in the middle of the race but the jury does not think like him and loads him with three red cards.
He is stopped for a minute in the penalty area and this opens the way for the victory of Bence Barnabas Venjercsan.
Victory then for Bence Barnabas Venyercsan (HUN) in 41:13.10 who still signs the new personal best (previous of 41:48.29 obtained in Miskolc, HUN on 13.5.2017).
Second place to Mate Helebrandt (HUN) in 41:59.88
Third place to Tomasz Bagdany (HUN) in 42:27.96
Also noteworthy is the 5th place of Norbert Toth (HUN) (year of birth 2001 and therefore U20) who still signs a record 8 after the 5.000 one, of 20:58.52 in Szekesfehervas last 5.9.2020): 46:26.17.

10.000m. track walk women


Only four athletes participated in the women's final as the other three did not have enough points, and strangely Viktoria Madarasz was absent.


It's a fairly quiet victory for Barbara Kovacs (HUN) in 47:49.72
Second place to Rita Recsei (HUN) in 48:44.52
Third place to Tiziana Kinga Spiller (HUN) in 50:09.41
Fourth place to Dora Csorgo (HUN) in 51:37.48

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