13/09/2020   Trieste (ITA) Leonardo Dei Tos wins the 12th Meeting in memory of Rodolfo Crasso




The morning dedicated to race walk in Trieste to honor the memory of the late Rodolfo Crasso, Honorary President of the San Giacomo Sports Group, saw a large participation in the youth categories to the delight of the current president Ruggero Poli.

But the expected results in the race of the 10.000m walk on the track by invitation were not obtained.
From seven in the morning a hood of humidity made its weight felt and at 9:28 when the departure was given the temperature touched 28°C while the humidity rate was slightly higher than 65%. Certainly not a good omen for good results.
10.000m track walk men
Only five athletes at the start, but all interested in getting feedback on their current chronometric mark from the race.
Let's say straight away that no one can be 100% satisfied.
Leonardo Dei Tos starts immediately in the lead looking for a better time than the one obtained in Bergamo last Thursday (41:12.96), followed closely by Niccolò Coppini.
Further behind Aldo Andrei and Emiliano Brigante. The Michele Disarò closes the group.
The most experienced Dei Tos immediately understands that it is not a day: on the arrival straight at alternating phases of the gusts of wind from the southwest put the walk of the athletes in crisis. On the finish straight, on the other hand, the large stands act as a shield against these gusts (now in favor of the athletes) that greatly dampen their strength. In short, a situation in which you have to think about doing a good workout and winning the race. There will certainly be another opportunity for time.
Leonardo Dei Tos wins in 42:16.03 and also considered 41:12.96 on Thursdays in Bergamo it must be said that he did two good speed training sessions for him who is dedicating himself to the 50km.
Niccolò Coppini comes second and is the only one who can rejoice enough and of the away match. He got a result of 43: 39.83 which, considered his personal best (42:52.17) is not to complain.
Third place went to Emiliano Brigante who seemed the shadow of what last week had signed that excellent result of 21:00.36 at 5.000m. Lacking fluidity and with some strange race decisions he missed a favorable opportunity.
Even worse, Aldo Andrei empty of head and legs, very far from the personal best (43:34.24) of Rieti last year, which closes in 46:00.04 and on which some technical problems that had afflicted him in the past resurface.



5.000m. track walk women
Victory to Elisa Raia (ITA) in 27:24.48
Second place to Agnese Zanatta (ITA) 27:49.52
Third place to Laura Vanin (ITA) in 30:08.16
5.000m. track race men
Victory to Jaka Grabner (SLO) in 25: 34.24
Second place to Anze Tesovnik (SLO) 25: 59.95
Third place to Fabio Ruzzier (ITA) in 30: 30.95


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