29/07/2020   Jinzhou (CHN): Victories of Wang Kaihua, Sun Song e Yang Jiayu


Very interesting results in the Chinese morning in Jinzhou (CHN) in the:
National Trophy for Provinces and Chinese Cup 2020 "Jinzhou Bank"
20km men
Departure at 7:00 in the morning. Temperature around 21° and pouring rain.
During the first part of the race at the top of the group was the couple formed by Wang Kaihua (CHN) and with some  meters of delay Cai Zelin (CHN), followed by Zhang Jun (CHN) and Zheng Qingcun (CHN).
Split tiomes of first laps:

Wang Kaihua: 4:01, 3:53, 3:56, 4:10, 3:46

Cai Zelin: 4:05, 4:02, 4:04, 4:07; 7:21 (after a stop in penalty area)

Subsequently, Cai Zelin is disqualified by the jury and Wang Kaihua (CHN) has a cleared way to victory. At this point, given the very humid day due to the incessant rain and the increase in temperature (26 °) for Wang is not worth forcing.
Below the split times of the following laps: 3:57, 3:58, 3:58, 3:58, 4:02, 3:56, 4:00, 4:02, 4:00, 4:03, 4:01, 4:02, 4:03, 4:04, 4:02.
Victory for Wang Kaihua (CHN) in 1:19:46 (1:17:54 personal best established in Huangshan, CHN on 4.3.2017)
Second place in Zhang Jun (CHN) in 1:22:52 (personal best of 1:20:17 established in Nomi, JPN on 17.3.2019)
Third place in Zeng Qingcun (CHN) in 1:23:15 (1:20:05 personal best established in Huangshan, CHN on 2.3.2019)

Fourth place to Li Kewen (CHN) in 1:23:33

Fifth place to Wen Yongjie (CHN) in 1:23:26

Sixth place to Yin Jun (CHN) in 1:23:59

Seventh place to Zhu Xiaoqiang (CHN) in 1:24:05

Eight place to Zhang Yao (CHN) in 1:24:31





35 km men
Fascinating race with the first three athletes under 2:37:00, a result that over the past season had only been obtained by 8 athletes.
Victory for Sun Song (CHN) in 2:34:28 definitely a high level performance for this new name from China.
Born on 15.12.1996 this little more than 23 year old Chinese last year boasted a personal best on the 35km of 2:48:56, established in Huangshan, CHN on 4.3.2018. With today's performance, his personal best has improved by 14:28. This performance assessed on 2019 would have allowed the Chinese athlete to take third place in the world ranking behind Yohann Diniz, FRA (2:29:28) and Dementi Cheparex, RUS (2:31:03) and in front of Serhiy Budza, UKR (2:34:49).
Second place in Beng Zhongkai (CHN) in 2:36:00. He also improves, albeit only by 1", his personal best established in Huangshan, CHN on 4.3.2018.
Third place in Zhaxi Yangben (CHN) in 2:36:59 in his first 35km.
Fourth place to Li Xiaobin (CHN) in 2:40:36

Fifth place to Wang Qin (CHN) in 2:41:28

Sixth place to Zhang Chenchen (CHN) in 2:47:11

Seventh place to Luo Dongpo (CHN) in 2:54:03

Eighth place to Xu Chunyang (CHN) in 2:57:06




20km women
Race held at the afternoon with hot weather (28 °) and considerable humidity.
On the first lap go immediately leading in three: Yang Jiayu (CHN), Qieyang Shenjie (CHN) and Ma Zhenxia (CHN).
After two laps the young U20 World Champion of Bydgoszsz 2016 detaches herself from the duo of the strongest who go shoulder to shoulder.
They pass together at 5km in a respectable time:  21:30.
Below their passages of the first laps:

Yang Jiayu: 4:25, 4:21, 4:16, 4:16, 4:18, 4:20, 4:18, 4:21

Qieyang Shenjie4:25, 4:21, 4:17, 4:16, 4:20, 4:18, 4:20

Then there is a fact that is incredible. The jury stops in the Penalty Area for 120" Qieyang Shenjie (CHN) who has taken the lead of the race for two laps for about 5m.



Qieyang (blue) e Yang (red)



Videoclip of the last stages before DQ: click here



It was from 14.9.2012 that the vice world champion of Doha 2019, considered one of the best athletes in the world, did not suffer the shame of the three red cards. Then it happened to Erdos (CHN) in the final of the IAAF Challenge.
Green light for the 2017 London World Champion Yang Jiayu (CHN). The race, however, begins to lose charm and interest in the victory.
Qieyang Shenjie enters the Penalty Area and then, very annoyed, decides not to continue: her race ends there.
The pace begins to drop and the performance of the athletes will certainly not be what the dsi technicians expected.
Below the following split times of the winner: 4:23, 4:36, 4:34, 4:41, 4:39, 4:36, 4:42, 4:44, 4:43, 4:44, 4:48, 4:40

Victory for Yang Jiayu (CHN) in 1:30:22
Second place to Ma Zhenxia (CHN) in 1:32:25
Third place to Liang Rui (CHN) in 1:34:55
Fourth place to Ma Faying (CHN) in 1:35:11

Fifth place to Tang Caihong (CHN) in 1:37:50

Sixth place to Yang Weiwei in 1:38:40

Seventh place to Liu Yu (CHN) in 1:39:27

Eight place to Gao Lan (CHN) in 1:39:43



Full official results in the section Results or directly download from this link: click here







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