28/07/2020   From 1.9.2020 the qualification system for the Olympic Games changes




World Athletics will lift the suspension of the Tokyo Olympic qualification system for the marathon and race walk events from 1 September 2020, due to concerns over the lack of qualifying opportunities that may be available for road athletes before the qualification period finishes on 31 May 2021.


The original suspension period, from 6 April to 30 November 2020, was introduced due to the competition and training disruption caused by the global pandemic, and remains in place for all other track and field events.


Road athletes will be able to register Olympic qualifying entry standards from 1 September to 30 November, but only in pre-identified, advertised and authorised races being staged on World Athletics certified courses, with in-competition drug testing on site.


The accrual of points for world rankings remains suspended until 30 November 2020. World Athletics expect there will be at least two major race walking events staged between 1 September and 30 November 2020.



Working Group on Athletic Shoes


The new Working Group on Athletic Shoes (WGAS) met for their first meeting last Wednesday (22 July). 


It is tasked with scoping and overseeing studies around shoe technology, exploring definitions to provide clarity to athletes about the shoes they are able to compete in, creating a robust certification and control process and providing expert advice and recommendations to the World Athletics Competition Commission on the future direction of World Athletics’ Rules and Regulations concerning elite athlete shoes for the long-term which may or may not be different to the current rules.


In this working group he is a representative of the Athletes Commission Inaki Gomez (CAN), former high level walker and now a brilliant lawyer.

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