26/07/2020   Tokyo - The 83rd High School Championships of Tokyo Prefecture



In Japan the championships of every single Prefecture continue tirelessly.

On July 23, we had given you a report of those that took place in Osaka and which concerned senior athletes, today we want to offer our readers the results of a minor prefecture championship.
This is the one reserved for High Schools in Tokyo Prefecture.
Incidentally, this champion has reached its 83rd edition !
It will be understood that in the country of the Rising Suns the recovery of sport in post COVID-19 schools does not stop.
While in Italy there is a big discussion on how to reopen schools in September, there is already more down there.
Meanwhile, however, the athletes from the elite to those of the second ranks and finally to those of the schools, compete.
The races, with the two walking events reserved for high schools, were held in the Komazawa Olympic Stadium this morning July 26, 2020 and were held under the aegis of the Tokyo Athletics Association.
5.000m track walk men
We said that these were races of lesser importance and this can also be seen in the results.
Victory for Yuma Takehara (JPN) in 25:11.48
Second place to Shuma Ebana (JPN) in 25:12.24
Third place in Tomoya Hazeyama (JPN) in 25:45.20
5.000m track walk women
Victory for Misora ​​Miyauchi (JPN) in 30:18.51
Second place to Yuri Ogura (JPN) in 32:44.62

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