22/05/2020   AtleticaViva Online - From the Rules to the analysis of judgment - A 20-year history




Thursday 21 May at 18:00 through the use of the "Zoom" platform was the turn of the fifth video conference dedicated to race walking.

The day was dedicated to the theme "From the Rules to the analysis of judgment - A 20-year history"
Moderator: Ruggero Sala
Speakers: Davide Bandieramonte - Nicola Maggio
Davide Bandieramonte: The walking judges in Italy and the latest changes to the rules
Nicola Maggio: How the rules changed between Sydney 2000 and today, analysis of the technical calls in the Olympic Games and in the World Championships and comparison with 15 years of history of judgment in Italy in the 20km championships
We are pleased to publish in our Techniques, Rules and Conferences section -> Conventions sub section the full PDF of the presentations used in the videoconference.
The original PDF was also published in English
They can be downloaded from the relevant section indicated above, or by clicking on the following links.

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