29/04/2020   The Italian race walk mourns Luigi De Rosso




Another glory of the Italian race walk is no longer among us: Luigi De Rosso.

Luigi De Rosso was one of the four Venetian athletes, together with Adolfo Consolini, Carlo Lievore and Pier Luigi Cazzola, who participated in the 1960 Rome Olympics.
Born in Velo d’Astico (Vicenza) in a few days (5 May) he would have turned 85.
Luigi De Rosso finished 22nd in the 20km walk of that historic Roman Games with a time of 1:45:05 behind teammate Stefano Serchinic (1:43:59). The other Italian in the race was Gianni Corsaro who finished 26th in 1:46:47.
In addition to the Olympic participation, Luigi De Rosso boasts a second place in the Military World Championships and numerous placements on the Italian podium.
His athlete's parable coincided, unfortunately for him who preferred the 50km, with that of Abdon Pamich, who, from the height of his talent, stole many victories from him.
Concluded his competitive career, Luigi De Rosso was technician of the Fiamme Oro of Padua.




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