22/04/2020   AtleticaViva Online - Race Walking in China - Territorial and federal organization - Training strategies




Wednesday, April 22 at 6:00pm through the use of the "Zoom" platform it was the turn of the third video conference dedicated to race walking.


Today's meeting was focused on the figure of Sandro Damilano who for many years has been the architect of many successes of race walking in Italy and for almost ten years Head Coach of the national team of China.


After an introduction and presentation by the current Technical Director of the national athletics team of Italy, Antonio La Torre (also coming from the world of walking), the famous coach from Saluzzo presented in fact a "journey to the planet of Chinese race walk”, wandering between politics and structure, between territory and centrality, between national and local coaches, not neglecting also the economic part.


After this first part, in the round, which allowed knowledge (and comparison with the Italy model), the second part of the video conference was that of a deep and real analysis of the training sessions of this season of the group of eight athletes coached by Damilano, which includes, in particular for women, three stars of undoubted size: Li Hong, Qieyang Shenjie and Lu Xiuzhi, as well as the rising star Ma Zhenxia.


The webinar ended with a comparison between the "Annual Training Quantity" and the "Annual Training Intensity" obtained in past years by some Italian athletes who won Olympic medals trained by Damilano (his brother Maurizio Damilano, Elisa Rigaudo and Alex Schwazer) and the same works obtained by the top athletes of China coached by him (Wang Zhen, Si Tianfeng, Wang Qin, Liu Hong, Qieyang Shenjie).



We are pleased to publish in our Techniques, Rules and Conventions section -> Conventions (year 2020) sub-section the complete PDF of the presentation used in the videoconference.

The original PDF in Italian was then translated for the benefit of our English-speaking readers
Documents can be downloaded from the relevant section indicated above or by clicking on this link.



AtleticaViva Online: Race Walking in China - Territorial and federal organization - Training strategies




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