23/03/2019   Dudince (SVK): Arthur Mastianica (LTU) and Sandra Viviana Galvis (SVK) are the winners of 20km

In the afternoon both 20km


20km men

The three athletes from Mexico who together with Stefano Chiesa (ITA) were credited with the best times are not present at the start.
For the Italian it promises to be a chance for a victory.
- 5km
Stefano Chiesa is in front of the race right from the shooting by ringing 4:08, 8:19, 12:30, 16:44 to finish the first 5km in 21:00
It is followed by Domink Cerny (SVK) in 21:08 and in third position Arthur Mastianica (LTU) in 21:10.
Much further the others.
- 10km
The situation at the middle of the race has completely changed.
Shortly before the 9km Stefano Chiesa was catched by Arthus Mastianica (LTU) who moved to 9km with a 2" of advantage over the Italian that slows down due to a red card for bent knee.
The advantage was still extended during the 10th km.
- Mastianica passed in 42:18
- Church passed in 42:27 (9 seconds delay)
- Cerny passed in 42:44 (17" from Chiesa)
- 15km
At 13km the situation is still very fluid:
Mastianica leads in 54:28 in front of Chiesa (55:32) and Cerny in 56:06
At 14km: Mastianica in the lead in 59:14, in front of Chiesa (1:00:01) and Cerny in 1:00:35
At 15km Arthur Mastianica in 1:03:37 is leading the race

In second position Stefano Chiesa in 1:04:30 in front of Dominik Cerny in 1:05:06

- last 5km
The situation has stabilized. At the head of the 18km Mastianica in 1:17:07, in front of the Church (1:18:14) and Cerny in 1:19:03
At 19km Mastianica in 1:21:39, in front of Chiesa (1:22:52) and of Cerny in 1:23:43

Viictory to Arthur Mastianica (LTU) in 1:26:07

Second place to Stefano Chiesa (ITA) in 1:27:27

Third place to Domink Cerny (SVK) in 1:28:02





20km women
Fifteen athletes at the start
- 5km
There are three of them in the lead to lead the race in the first 5km in 22:35: Sandra Viviana Galvis (COL) and Yeseida Carrillo (COL). Together with them Zivile Vaiciukeviciute (LTU).
Only fifth Anezka Drahotova (CZE) in 23:03
- 10km
The situation in the middle of the race is the same.
Is leading the race in 45:00 Sandra Viviana Galvis (COL) with a 9 second advantage over Yeseida Carrillo (COL). Following Zivile Vaiciukeviciute (LTU) in 46:04 in front of Monika Vaiciukeviciute (LTU) in 46:48
Only fifth Anezka Drahotova (CZE) in 47:08
- 15km
Sandra Viviana Galvis (COL) is the leader in 1:07:36
In second position Yeseida Carrillo (COL) in 1:08:26
Follows Zivile Vaiciukeviciute (LTU) in 1:10:02 in front of Monika Vaiciukeviciute (LTU) in 1:11:12
Always fifth Anezka Drahotova (CZE) in 1:11.48
Negli ultimi 5km non cambia nulla.

Victory to Sandra Viviana Galvis (COL) in 1:30:33

Second place to Yeseida Carrillo (COL) in 1:32:24

Third place to Zivile Vaiciukeviciute (LTU) in 1:33:54

Fourth place to Monika Vaiciukeviciute (LTU) in 1:36:03

Fifth place to Anezka Drahotova (CZE) in 1:37:08



Full results of 20km (and of the events U20 and U18) in the section Results or directly download from this link: click here



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