22/03/2019   Mosca 2013: Disqualified for doping Ivanov (RUS), gold to Chen Ding (CHN)

Russian race walker Alexandr Ivanov has been disqualified for three years for doping and is set to be stripped of his gold medal at the 2013 world championships in Moscow, the Russian athletics federation said on Friday.


Russia originally topped the medals table on home soil at the 2013 world championships, but has now been stripped of all but three of its seven gold medals. Besides Ivanov, hammer thrower Tatyana Lysenko, high jumper Svetlana Shkolina and the women’s 4x400-meter relay team have been disqualified for various doping offenses.

Of the three gold medals remaining, one was won by walker Elena Lashmanova, who was banned after failing a doping test less than a year after the championships. Recently, returning to the races, she established in the 20km in the 2018 season and the beginning of 2019 twice of the results below the record of the official world of Liu Hong (1:24:38) which however cannot be approved due to the lack of some homologation requirements.


Ivanov will lose all the medals he won between June 2012 and August 2014, the federation said. He is disqualified for a three-year period that began on May 2, 2017, the date of his earlier suspension, it said.


As a consequence the result of the World Championships in Moscow 2013 would be the following:

- gold to Cheng Ding (CHN) in 1:21:09
- silver to Miguel Angel Lopez (ESP) in 1:21:21
- bronze to Joao Viera (POR) in 1:22:05
The result of the Zurich European Championships 2014, where Ivanov won silver, is also influenced by this disqualification
- the silver should go to Denis Strelkov (RUS), who is in turn disqualified for doping with the results being canceled from Jun. 2, 2015 until the period of the final disqualification of Jul. 14, 2019
- the bronze should go to Ruslan Dmytrenko (UKR), who is in turn disqualified for doping with results canceled from  Aug. 14, 2009 until Aug. 3, 2012. Dmytrenko's disqualification will expire on May 4, 2020
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Finally Alexandr Ivanov will also lose the silver medal won at the U20 World Championships in Barcelona 2012 (13.7.2012);
- silver should go to Su Guanyu (CHN) who had raced in 40:16.87
- the bronze should go to Takumi Saito (JPN) who had raced in 40:19.10



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