15/03/2019   Sucua (ECU): Ecuador's race walk championships

Saturday March 9, 2019 Sucua (ECU) hosted the Ecuadorian walking championship for the fifth time in a row.

With delegations from fifteen provinces and a hundred athletes from all over the country, many of whom are known in South America and also throughout the marching world.
Perfect day.
35km men
Victory for Claudio Villanueva (ECU) in 2:40:00
Second place at Xavier Mena (ECU) in 2:40:21
Third place to David Velasquez (ECU) in 2:48:12


35km women
Victory for Magaly Bonilla (ECU) in 2:55:20
Second place went to Johanna Ordoñez (ECU) in 3:01:05
Third place to Myriam Cartagena (ECU) in 3:24:32


20km men
Victory for David Hurtado (ECU) in 1:23:44 which improves his personal best obtained this year (01.16.2019) in Santee, Ca, USA
Second place in Jhonatan Amores (ECU) in 1:24:00 which incredibly does the same time that he had obtained on 26.1.2019 in Santee, Ca, USA
Third place to José Mauricio Arteaga (ECU) in 1:24:18


20km women
Victory for Maritza Guamàn (ECU) in 1:34:52
Second place to Paola Bibiana Perez (ECU) in 1:38:46
Third place at Mishell Semblantes (ECU) in 1:42:40
10km U20 men
Victory for the Olympic Youth Champion, Oscar Patin (ECU) in 41:44 which represents the new personal best (previous 44:20 obtained in Taicang, CHN on 5.5.2018)
Second place at Jinson Calderon (ECU) in 43:40
Third place to Gonzalo Bustan (ECU) in 44:28



10km U20 women
Victory for Glenda Morejón (ECU), the U18 world champion of Nairobi 2017, in 43:04 obtaining the new personal best (44:58 precedent always obtained at Sucua on 01.19.2018, but the athlete boasts a good 44: 12.75 obtained on the same distance on the track in Trujillo, FOR 25.8.2018).
This performance is also the new South American record on distance for the U20 and U23 categories (Kimberly Garcia's previous U23, 44:33, obtained at the 2016 Pan American Games, while U20 belonged to Morejon with the time der previous personal best).
Second place for Paula Torres (ECU) in 45:56 also for her new personal best (previous 47:53 obtained in Taicang, CHN on 5.5.2018)
Third place to Maria Belen Villalva (ECU) in 49:12


Updated World U20 list of the season 2019 (first 10 performances)
43:04 Glenda MOREJÓN 30 MAY 2000 ECUECU Sucúa (ECU) 09 MAR 2019
44:25 Meryem BEKMEZ 31 JUL 2000 TURTUR Izmir (TUR) 03 MAR 2019
44:50 Rachelle DE ORBETA 27 MAR 2000 PURPUR Adelaide (AUS) 10 FEB 2019
45:00 Darya GOLUBECHKOVA 10 SEP 2000 RUSRUS Sochi (RUS) 17 FEB 2019
45:56 Paula Milena TORRES 17 OCT 2000 ECUECU Sucúa (ECU) 09 MAR 2019
46:26 Noelia VARGAS 17 APR 2000 CRCCRC Guatemala City (GUA) 24 FEB 2019
46:35 Alina ZAKHAROVA 06 JUL 2001 RUSRUS Sochi (RUS) 17 FEB 2019
46:55 Evin DEMİR 16 FEB 2001 TURTUR Izmir (TUR) 03 MAR 2019
47:52 Mary Luz ANDIA 09 NOV 2000 PERPER Arequipa (PER) 10 MAR 2019
10  47:56 Liana ESHNIYAZOVA 22 JAN 2003 RUSRUS Sochi (RUS) 17 FEB 2019
(foto by Cris Matute - ECU)

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