14/03/2019   Duitama Boyaca (COL): José Leonardo Montana, Jhon Alexander Castaneda Angulo and Sandra Viviana Galvis Gomez won Colombian Championshps

Last Saturday was the opportunity for the Athletic Federation of Colombia to honor a well-known soldier who died on January 21st, 2012: Fernando Rozo.

The occasion was offered by the celebration of the 200 years of activity of the Colombian national army in the military installations of Duitama Boyaca where the Colombia Race Walk Championships took place on Saturday 9 March. In addition, the Championships were valid as a selection for the Pan-American Championships to be held in Lazaro Carnenas (MEX) next April.
40km men
It is amazing how the fantasy spaces between 30km and 35km and now the 40km rather than seize the opportunities to compete on the 50km. It would seem as if the athletes had already abandoned the specialty for which from many other parts of the world an outcryt of defense had risen.
Our friends from Colombia will excuse us, but we cannot understand the technical value of competing over a distance of 40km. If it was to preserve the fatigue of the walkers we believe that a 30km (or at least a 35km) would have been more than enough. But lots of it.
He won the race José Leonardo Montana (COL) in 3:08:06 who boasts on 50km a personal best of 3:52:48 established in Ciudad Juarez (MEX) on Mar. 6, 2016.
Second place to Omar Daniel Sierra (COL) in 3:18:52
Third place to Juan Diego Pinzon (COL) in 3:20:08
Only seven athletes at the start of which six completed the race and one DNF
20km men
Victory for Jhon Alexander Castaneda Angulo (COL) in 1:27:51
Second place to Juan José Soto (COL) in 1:29:25
Third place to Jorge Luis Castillo Carballo (COL) in 1:32:51
Eleven athletes at the start of which ten completed the race and one DNF
20km women
Victory for Sandra Viviana Galvis Gomez (COL) in 1:39:32
Second place to Arabelly Orjuela (COL) in 1:40:21
Third place to Ingrid Johanna Hdez Castillo (COL) in 1:41:45
Seven athletes at the start and all finished the race
10km U20 men
Victory for Sebastian Felipe Merchan (COL) in 44:34
Second place to Anderson Callejas (COL) in 45:28
Third place to Fabian Andres Gonzalez (COL) in 46:14
Ten athletes at the start and all finished the race
10km U20 women
Victory for Laura Cristima Chalarca (COL) in 52:56
Second place to Natalia Andrea Montana (COL) in 55:01
Third place to Greci Fernanda Bernal Cordoba (COL) in 58:45

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