14/03/2019   Arequipa (PER): Kimberly Garcia and César Rodríguez National Champions of Perù in 20km

The National Championships of Peru were held on Sunday March 10, in Arequipa (PER).

Arequipa is a city in southern Peru located at an altitude similar to that of Mexico City (2,300m above sea level). Some athletes from Bolivia also participated in the national championship race, which took place over the distances of 20km and 35km.
20km women
Not many participants: seven athletes at the start.
Kimberly Garcia Leon (PER) won, after returned from a training stage in Cuba, with a time of 1:29:14.
This performance is the second seasonal result of 2019 in South America, after Sandra Arenas who in Adelaide on Feb. 10, 2019 was capable of 1:28:49).
Kimberly Garcia boasts a slightly better personal best (1:28:56), achieved in the eighth place in Taicang, CHN on May 5, 2018.
Second place for Leyde Guerra (PER) in 1:30:01
For her this is the new personal best that improves the previous of 1:35:30 obtained at Sucua (ECU) on Mar. 10, 2018; the athlete also improved her personal best of 20.000m on track (1:32:12.42) which had obtained Cuenca (ECU) on Sep. 29, 2016
Third place for Jessica Hancco (PER) in 1:36:57 quite far from the personal best of 1:33:20 obtained in Rome, ITA on May 7, 2016
20km men
Even in this race only seven athletes at the start.
Victory for César Rodríguez (PER) in 1:25:21
Second place to Luis Campos (PER) 1:25:31
Third place to Paolo Yurivilca (PER) in 1:26:06.
35km women
Victory for Evelyn Inga (PER) in 2:59:33.
Second place to Joci Caballero (PER) in 3:14:10
Third place to Marian Lucero Zalazar (PER) in 3:25:40.
35km men
Eight athletes at the start
The race was won by Ronald Rey Quispe Misme (BOL) in 2:49:32
The title of Champion of Peru was instead won by Pavel Chihuán Camayo (PER) in 2:51:22.
(foto by Federacion Peruana de Atletismo - PER)

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