10/03/2019   Huangshan (CHN): 30km U20 and two U18 events

The last three races of the two days of Huangshan are the 30km U20 men, the 10km U18 boys and the 5km U18 girls.

30km U20 men
At the start of present in 33, but what really surprises is that among the starters there are also athletes who yesterday afternoon competed on 10km.
Among these, the winner of the 10km U20 Zhao Zhuo (CHN) who had competed at 14:30 yesterday and this morning at 8:00 at a distance of 17 hours and 30 minutes is presented by a fatigue that we in Europe would be impractical.
Maybe it was the will to act as a "peace maker" for some female teammates who competed immediately afterwards, however, the fact remains that we are used to seeing things like this a few times.
And it's really him, Zhao Zhuo who leads the race together with Sun Xiaolong (CHN) and Wang Zhenhao (CHN).
The three walk together for almost the entire race when the incredible Zhao Zhuo still has the power to force the pace and go to victory. First in 2:16:59: the IAAF scoreboard gives this performance 1.059 points, while yesterday's (10km in 40:06) were 1.126.
A nice puzzle for his coach to choose in the future whether to direct him to long or short races.
Second place to Sun Xiaolong (CHN) in 2:17:03 just 4".
Third place to Wang Chunhao (CHN) in 2:17:44
10km U18 boys
Dizzying numbers at the start: they are in 105.
The first three athletes completred the race in a mark less than 42.00
Victory for Zhao Xiang (CHN) in 41:13
Second place to Li Shunbo (CHN) in 41:25
Third place to Zeng Yu (CHN) in 41:28
Thirteen other walkers end with a time between 42:01 and 42:52.
Then there are eighteen others with a time between 43;05 and 43:55
This to give an idea of ​​the potential for youth choice in this Country.
5km U18 girls
Even in this race, dizzying numbers at the start: they are in 72
Victory to Wanjin Yu (CHN) in 21:53
Second place to Hu Wenjing (CHN) in 22:03
Third place to Peng Li (CHN) in 22:08
Followed by nine other athletes with times between 22:18 and 22:58 and another 15 athletes with times between 23:03 and 23:55.

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