19/02/2019   Sochi (RUS): The usual great time of Elena Lashmanova (1:24:31) and the victory of Vasily Mizinov - Klavdiya Afanasyeva on 35km: 2:38:24


This weekend was not only competing in the indoor and in Kobe (JPN) for the Japanese Championships.
Also in Russia, as usual in Sochi, the traditional Russian winter championships took place on the race track from 17 to 18 February.
35km men
The first of the scheduled races starts at 9:00 am.
Dementiy Cherparev (RUS) and Sergey Rakov (RUS) immediately took the lead.
The two will compete together for almost 20km with these split times:
- 5km: 22.00
- 10km: 44:55 (22:55)
- 15km: 1:07:20 (22:25)
Shortly before 20km Cheparev forces the pace and gains about ten seconds.
The two pass to 20km in:
- Cheparev: 1:28:30 (21:10)
- Rakov: 1:28:40 (21:20)
Between 20km and 25km the real turning point of the race: Cheparev places a partial on the 5km of 20:50 arriving at 25km in 1:49:20, while Rakov fails to do better than 1:52:00 (22: 20).
Unfortunately we are not in possession of the split time to 30km.
Victory for Dementiy Cherparev (RUS) in 2:31:03. This performance currently represents the best mark in the 2019 season world over the 35km distance.
Second place for Sergey Rakov (RUS) in 2:35:59
Third place for Nikolay Sergeyev (RUS) in 2:36:52


35km women
Klavdiya Afanasyeva (RUS) is immediately ahead and will no longer be reached.
The new 23 year old Russa (Jan. 15, 1996) manages to do the following split times every 5km walking for 15km together with Dementiy Cherparev:
- 5km: 22.00
- 10km: 44:56 (22:56)
- 15km: 1:07:20 (22:24)
- 20km: 1.29: 40 (22:20)
- 25km: 1:52:00 (22:20)
- last 10km (also in this case we are not in possession of the partial to 30km) in 46:24 with a drop of 1:44 compared to 10km between 15km and 25km.
Klavdiya Afanasyeva (RUS) wins in 2:38:24 time much better than 2:45:21 official recorded by Eleonora Anna Giorgi (ITA) to Gioiosa Marea (ITA) on Jan. 27, 2019.
Let's see closer and closer the possibility to have a mark less than 4:00:00 on the 50km of women!
Second place for Margarita Nikiforova (RUS) in 2:44:00
Third place for Aleksandra Bushkova (RUS) in 2:50:01
20km men
Victory to Vasily Mizinov (RUS) in 1:18:32 that with this performance established the new personal best (precedent of 1:18:54 always established in Sochi, Russia on Feb. 19, 2018 at the same Winter Championships of Russia.
The athlete coached by former walker Yelena Saiko (RUS), who can compete in international competitions as ANA, with this performance is placed in the fourth position of the world ranking of the season after 1:18:10 obtained by Tishikazu Yamanishi (JPN) on the same day in Kobe.
These are split times of the first two athletes:
- 5km: 19:48
- 10km 39:20 (19:32)
- 15km: 58:57 (19:37)
- last 5km in 19:35 (for Shirobokov in 19:45)
Second place to Sergey Shirobokov (RUS) in 1:18:42
Third place to Alex Khudashkin (RUS) in 1:20:46.



20km women
Once again the victory comes to Elena Lashmanova (RUS) in 1:24:31
Once again the time is less than the World Record of Liu Hong (CHN) of 1:24:38, but again like last year when she obtained in Cheboksary (RUS) on June 9, 2018 at the summer Russian Championships an exceptional 1:23.39, its result will not be ratified as a world record in the absence of the requirement of control of the race by at least three international judges.
Anyway, here are her split times every 5km:

- 5km: 20:53

- 10km 42:00 (21:07)

- 15km: 1:02:52 (20:52)

- last 5km in 21:39

Second place to Elvira Khasanova (RUS) who finishes his first 20km in 1:28:30.
Third place for Nadezhda Sergeyeva (RUS) in 1:29:23 which represents the new personal best of the athlete (previous 1:29:57 always obtained in Sochi, RIS on Feb. 27, 2016, in the same Winter Championships).
10km U20 men
Victory for Sergey Kozhevnikov (RUS) at 40:31 (20:45 + 19:56)
Second place for Alex Ishmamantev (RUS) in 40:49 (20:45 + 20:04)
Third place for Salavat Ilkaev (RUS) in 41:02 ((20:45 + 20:17)
10km U20 women
Victory for Daria Golubechkova (RUS) in 45.00
Second place to Alina Zakharova (RUS) in 46:35
Third place to Liana Eshnlyazova (RUS) in 47.56



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